Peter Coyle

Lighthouse Point, FL


Click here to view my resumé (52kb PDF)

Growing up near the coast in Delray Beach, Florida, Peter developed an early appreciation for Florida’s landscapes and natural environments. Experience in various industries and activities helped him foster a strong desire to be creative, get hands-on, and work with plants and the environment. After three years of studies in the master of landscape architecture program at Florida International University, he is eager to apply and build upon the skills he has learned in school, the construction industry and the real world.

With an education rooted in design with a concentration on analysis and research, Peter has a strong sensibility for melding aesthetics and functionality to best employ the fundamental benefits of each in our human environments. He has a strong working knowledge of software such as AutoCAD and the Adobe Creative Suite 4, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, as well as the Microsoft Office suite. He also has a good familiarity with 3D design software such as Rhino and Sketch Up.

Peter believes that design projects should have strong links to their context, benefitting human activity, while working with natural systems. Ultimately, he feels that the ability to better utilize or rehabilitate compromised landscapes is one of the great opportunities that faces landscape architects in the coming generations.